How to Take Care of Your e-Bike Battery in Winter

In winter, many people worry about how to maintain their batteries. Both excessive cold and excessive heat are not good for e-Bike batteries. It will affecting the health and performance of your e-Bike battery.

Here are some tips for e-Bike battery winter care to get the most out of your battery.



If the bike is stored in a cold place overnight, such as an outside shed or garage, the battery gets cold. During this time, the gel inside will stiffen up and therefore reduce the range available - especially inconvenient if you planned a long-distance morning ride or commute. Keeping your e-Bike in a cold place will damage your battery.Therefore, you are advised to at least remove the battery for storage when not in use. Take your battery inside the house where you can keep it at around 50-77℉ (10 -25°C). This temperature range is best suited to keep your batteries in a healthy and ready-to-use state.


Remember before heading out on a bike ride that our batteries are less effective in cold weather. It’s possible that your battery won’t last as long as you’re used to and that you’ll need to charge it more frequently than usual. A cold battery charges very slowly. It is better to take the battery indoors and charge it at room temperature. You should let the battery warm up before charging to prevent condensation. Condensation could interfere with the charge cycle or, at worst, damage it.

Warm reminder: The battery's endurance will be affected by the regional temperature. The lower the temperature is, the weaker the endurance is. This is a normal phenomenon. Please feel free to use it.


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