How to change top speed

Due to different laws and regulations in different countries, there are requirements for the maximum speed limit of the bike. You must check your local laws and regulations to determine if it is lawful to ride this bike on public roads before adjusting the bike’s top speed. Laws vary by trail, path, and road so be sure to check in each new location you will be riding. For your convenience, let's take a look at how to adjust the maximum speed limit.

1. Access the settings menu by pressing and holding the up and down buttons of the display simultaneously until the screen says “P01”.
2. From here you can cycle through settings by hitting the power button of the display and adjust the settings by pressing the up or down buttons.
3. Please go to setting “P08” and change this setting from 100 to 25 (Suppose you want to adjust the maximum speed to no more than 25km/h).
4. Press and hold the up and down buttons on the control pad until the main screen is shown once again.
5. Power the bike off by holding the power button to save the settings you have just changed.

Above are the steps on how to adjust the maximum speed limit on your bike(Philodo Bikes). If there is anything unclear, please feel free to email me or contact me via WhatsApp.


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