How To Select Your E-Bikes

It is more and more obvious that human beings have caused tension and damage to the natural environment. We have left a huge carbon footprint on this planet. In addition, traffic jam has gradually become a problem for many people, especially those living in big cities. In addition, with the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to a healthy lifestyle and exercise as much as possible. Based on the above reasons, electric bike, as an environmentally friendly means of transportation, has become more and more popular in recent years. Here are some tips to help you choose the most suitable electric bike.

As one of the most important components of an electrical bike, undoubtedly, the motor plays a significant role in purchasing an e-bike. There are three kinds of motors and which one works for you depends on your riding needs.

Mid-drive Motor: This kind of motor is installed on the center crank with a direct connection with pedals. A lot of electric bikes feature this motor. The reasons are that, firstly, it has a lower center of gravity which can offer better stability; Secondly, the model usually has a torque sensor to supplement rider's energy by motor power so riders can accelerate up hills with less effort.
Rear-hub Motor: This motor is employed on the back wheel. It has a slightly higher center of gravity, which make the cyclist's weight press down and has a stable road grip. 
Front-hub Motor: This type of motor is applied on the front wheel,and a majority of electrical folding bikes use this motor. There is far less weight on the front wheel so it can easily change torque.

The battery is considered the fuel tank of electric bike. First, let's define some terms about batteries. The key to battery energy is the size of the battery (in watt hours). Watt hours have a capacity of volts (or volts) x ampere hours (or ampere hours). The maximum mileage of an electric bicycle depends on the battery capacity. The higher the power, the longer the distance the user can travel. In addition, there are some types of batteries on the market.
SLA: sealed lead-acid battery is the cheapest battery, but its service life is the shortest. In addition, it will be too heavy to be installed on the bike, because the weight of this battery is almost equal to the weight of the bike itself.
Ni MH: the service life of nickel metal hybrid battery is longer than SLA.
LiMnO2: lithium manganese battery is light but expensive, and can be charged up to 800 times.
Lithium ion: lithium ion battery is very cost-effective. It is the most common battery type installed on electric bikes.

Money is also an important consideration when you want to buy. The price of electric bikes ranges from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. If we don't have enough budget, we don't have to buy the most expensive one. Just choose the right one and don't exceed the budget.

In a word, when you decide to buy an electric bike, here are some factors for you to consider. If you know nothing about the brand of electric bike, I strongly recommend you to buy Philodo Bikes, because Philodo Bikes are famous for high quality and affordable price.

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