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Philodo H8 AWD Fat E-Bike 2000Watts 48V22Ah

H8 is a highly powerful bike that can easily take you over any terrain with CHAOYANG 26*4.0" all terrain fat tires, strong motor, high-capacity battery(48V22AH), and 6061 aluminum frame design. Nothing is out of reach on this bike. Free Shipping in Europe. Fat bikes make outdoor exercise possible. Explore more biking trails this winter.

Philodo H7 Pro Pedal-Assist/Throttle Fat Bike 1000W 48V17.5Ah

Philodo H7 Pro Fat bike is equipped with a 48V 17.5 Ah (840Wh) lithium battery to ensure long life and excellent performance. The cruising range can reach 88 km on pedal-assisted. E-bikes for commuting, hauling cargo, mountain biking, and utility. It will take you across any terrain, up the 35% grade slopes. The best gifts for friends and family. Let's keep riding in 2023!

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