Electric Bike VS Ordinary Bike

Scientific and technology progress saw a stream of intelligent transportation, electric bike has changed the way we travel, our life also become more convenient. Compared with the ordinary bikes, we prefer to choose electric bikes getting around. So what’s the different between them? Let’s take a look.

Electric bike VS Ordinary bike

  1. Driving force

The electric bike has three assisted modes, which uses electricity drive with the driver to stepping on, saving time and effort. Philodo Bikes has three power modes, up to 55 km/h in pure power mode, with a maximum of 80 km/h in power mode. In addition, it comes with 1000w high-speed brushless gears hub motor. It can help you easily across any obstruction. Ordinary bike riding is completely dependent on the manpower. Compared with the former, the electric bike is the preferred transportation of our travel.

  1. Cycling experience

 Whether you are preparing to go to work, go out, fishing or any other activities, electric bikes can make your travel easier. Especially for the elder, while choosing electric bikes will make their travel more simple and convenient. Philodo bike equipped with multi-functional LCD display, which makes you easily know mileage, power, and other important information in riding. Besides, you can switch the assist level according to the road condition. In addition, the body is equipped with a horn and a headlight, even if it is traveling at night, it can easily know the road conditions, everyone can do safety travel.

We provide you with three different styles of electric bikes, Christmas is coming, Philodo Bike must be a unique gift for your family and friends! 


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